Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Two-Second Clips on DVDs

I imagine that people who create the DVD interfaces for movies are frustrated artists who just want to do a good job. One of the things they do is they set little 2 second or so clips from the movie to play after you select something from the main menu. So if you go special features, or something, it will play you a little exciting clip from the movie, then get to business.

It's especially stupid when you just want to play the movie. You click play, and you want to see the movie from the beginning. But what it does is it shows you a two second clip from the movie you're just about to watch. Who on earth would appreciate this?

It's especially annoying because it assumes that you've already seen the movie and would appreciate the clip for nostalgic reasons. I hope that's what they intend, because if they don't intend that, then I assume they want to spoil that exciting part of the movie for us. Annoying!


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