Friday, April 11, 2014

There are too many clicks required to play this Xbox game.

I've been sick lately, and so I've allowed myself to play some computer games. This is something I try not to do too much, but because I've been sick, and because I've recently read about the cognitive benefits of playing first-person shooter games, I've been playing Half Life 2. I know, I'm several years late. I'm having a lot of fun.

However, this is my rant blog, and I have to rant about how long it takes me to actually get playing the game. I think I'm spoiled on my iPad, with which I can start playing a game in about two or three clicks. In contrast, here is what I have to do on my Xbox to play Half Life 2:

  1. Turn the Xbox 360 on.
  2. Turn the television on.
  3. Sign in to Xbox live.
  4. Select that I want to play the game (as opposed to watch movies or whatever.)
  5. Select from the Orange Box menu that I want to play Half Life 2 and not Portal or whatever.
  6. Click down to "load game." (The default is "new game." Why? How often do people want to start a new game compared to loading one they're working on?)
  7. Select "load game."
  8. I get prompted "Would you like to select a storage device?" This is for where my saved game is located. Note that I'm not actually selecting the storage device, just affirming that I want to.
  9. Click "hard drive" as my storage device.
  10. Select the save game.

Then I'm finally playing. It takes over a minute. I know, there are greater problems in this world, but geez, it really seems like this takes too long.


Pictured: Killing Antlions in Half Life 2. From Wikipedia.

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Josh Berman said...

There's a secondary path, that's shorter...

At the end of your play session, just pause the game.

When you want to play again, turn the television on and unpause.

It does trade electricity for simplicity, but it's a trade that's worth it for me.